Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More slippage and a sad meeting....

Mom's slippage is continuing, we're seeing her doctor Thursday AM. I've noticed in the last couple of weeks that about an hour after taking her morning BP meds she gets very relaxed and sleepy to the almost point of fainting, I'm going to mention this Thursday. I'm betting that since we're going in the AM Mom's BP will probably be low, I'm also thinking that cutting the dosage will be something to think about.

We ran into an old friend yesterday at Longs/CVS, Mom and I have know George and Mary for 40 years. The last time we saw them was three years ago at the same place, George drove the car and sat in the car while Mary did the shopping. Yesterday, Mary was there by herself.

They are both 92, been married for 62 years, George was a brilliant meteorology professor and did some of the first work with digital analysis of weather patterns and subsequent computer weather predication, Mary did a lot of volunteer work with churches and distribution of food and clothing to farm laborers. I found out from talking with Mary that the other day George didn't know who Mary was, Mary said that George was totally dependent on her now, he's almost completely deaf, and he's fallen several times with bad effects on his back. Mary didn't know that Mom had fallen also.

The saddest part for me was watching Mom non-react to her long time friend, no expression, nothing. Bland and Blank!

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