Friday, March 18, 2011

Wandering and Dressing, or trying to at least....

Let's look at dressing today and some recent developments, hard to see.

Mom likes to wear pantyhose, so that's fine, and I keep trying to assist her in putting them on.

She'll try the right leg, usually get it done correctly, then will try to put her shoes on, without putting the left leg on!

Today, she got the right leg on, then wanted her shoes, and for about three minutes she took the shoes, reversed feet, reversed direction of the shoes, and had no idea that she had one 'black' leg and one 'white' (without pantyhose) leg. So I got down on the floor and put the other leg in the pantyhose, and got the shoes on the right feet.

When Mom started having her little accidents in chairs I got some old towels out and folded them and put them on the chairs that she sits on; today she's taken the towel off the living room chair, has it in her hand, and is wandering in lazy circles in the living room with the 'blank' look on her face. And now when she walks in the house, her left arm is cocked at the elbow. Wondering what this phase means?

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