Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Confusion, deep in the heart.....

.....I've been confused before, just for a moment or two, you know the kind where you wake up from a deep sleep and don't know where you are, or what time it is?

Imagine being like that all the time; that's the only thing, short of getting in Mom's brain, that it must feel like.

Mom can't tell me if its morning or night, she can't determine from light/dark what time it is.

She can't tell what day of the week it is, what she just had to eat, or not to eat.

This morning she got up to toilet at about 2:30 and about 5, both times I woke up to coach/supervise, all came out just fine, but I had to tell Mom to 'pull up nightie, pull down panties, sit on toilet'...all the steps.

This morning later I got up, read, showered, and in the ten minutes I was in the shower we had another bathroom accident of the semi-solid type, pretty obvious to me that she kinda knew about pulling something down, but the step about getting to the toilet was lost, so there it went, all over feet and floor, and then walked in too.

I could tell when I got out of the shower, because of the smell, so lay down some newspaper on the floor so I could walk over it and get the shower ready for Mom, then carefully remove the soiled stuff so as not to add any more to the floor, shower Mom off, get her dressed, then start on the carpet cleaner and the cheapest paper towels I could find to get the worst of the stuff off the floor, with carpet cleaner and white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, then hit the rest with a real carpet cleaner.

All the while Mom asks 'who made the mess that you are cleaning up', she has no idea it was her mess, no idea of walking in it.

And this afternoon, Mom's caught and stuck on the 'days of the week litany', and just a minute ago she's standing in the hallway with her panties around her knees, so its time for more toilet coaching!

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