Tuesday, June 7, 2011

'Help me'

and no, this is not the'Help Me' that is followed with 'I Think I'm Falling In Love In You'

I've heard of people in facilities who will sit in their chairs and either moan or say quietly or loudly 'Help Me, Help Me' over and over again, late stage dementia patients who don't know what is happening around them or inside of them.

Mom used to ask 'What are we doing today?' or 'Are we going shopping?', things and questions that tome seemed that Mom registered a sense of time and place, like if its afternoon, time to go to the store.

Needless to say, since Mom's sense of time and place has seemed to leave her, the contextual questions, like 'what are we having for dinner?' don't exist anymore, she can't put the questions together in a 'logical' way.

So now I'm starting to hear the 'Help Me's...somewhere in Mom's brain the search for order, or trying to make some sense of the 'world around her' is there, but when the contextual connections are gone and the ability to make new ones is also far away, all I think they know to say is 'Help Me'.

I started writing this at 7:39 AM, its now 7:52. In this time Mom has been up and down from bed 14 times, 'Help me, what are we going to do' all the while walking slowly down the hallway...'Mom please go back to bed we have lots of time until we have to leave', one minute later.....same thing.

At least she's able to move by herself!

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