Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An interesting Month.....

one of decline for Mom.

This is the evening of 28 June, about 10:20 PM, I woke Mom up to get her to the toilet before a long sleep and guess what, piddled all over herself, undies, nightie, sheet; so get her cleaned up and redressed for bed, then put the stuff in the washer again, and realize this is the third time in four nights she's wet things, and tonight was perhaps the worst, since she was so 'out of mind' that going to toilet was a real problem. This week I've found her walking the house over and over again, usually going to flush the toilet, but today I found her just sitting on the toilet, clothes on and all, and she thought she was in church.

Then again, its June/July, and its about time for another three month step down to happen, I think it may have! If I were to bet on Mom the way she is tonight, she won't see Christmas.

And I'm tired!

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