Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom...

...people say she looks pretty good for 84! Not moving real well, thinking is blank.

Wednesday morning, I hit the bathroom and shower at 7:20, Mom was in bed. I'm out at 7:35, and so is Mom, and guess where she's been?

Let's say the kitchen became the bathroom, she turned the wrong way coming out of bed or something like that, found the kitchen, poop everywhere, down legs, on floor, on dishtowels, down the hallway, walked into the carpet; got Mom in the shower, dried off, dressed, to morning Mass, then get the carpet cleaner again, had most of the stuff cleaned up by Noon.

And of course right after she did it, she said 'I didn't do that'.

Perhaps she didn't.

Perhaps there's the old 'rational' Mom and the new 'blank' Mom.

Its the 'blank' Mom that doesn't know what day it is, says she lives in Montana, gets the names of people either mixed up or completely wrong.

Its the 'blank' Mom that can't order and sequencing of clothing, requires help with hand washing (doesn't know warm water, rinse, get the soap).

And the 'blank' Mom still loves flowers and music and large screen presentations at the Aquarium; remember, with dementia, there is never a re-run!

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