Saturday, January 1, 2011

When I sorta knew...

...that Mom was declining...

July/August 2008. I came home for a weekend, just like normal, and smelled a burning smell in the kitchen, opened up the microwave, there are a blackened plate in it, the microwave was black on the inside, and Mom didn't know it had happened. Can only imagine she put a plate of food in it, set for 20 minutes or something, and walked away and 'forgot'.

Same time period I noticed that Mom would hang up a half-ironed shirt, the left side ironed, the right side not, and sometimes the shirt would be hung up inside out.

Mom had changed the sheets one day and had two top sheets on the bed, one laid at a right angle to the other.

Kitchen utensils that should go in the drawer on the right, suddenly in the drawer on the left. This '180 out' behavior will go on for a long time.

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