Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh gosh, the Ministry Faire.....

The Parish had a 'Ministry Faire' after the Masses this weekend, and since I do a lot of the computer stuff for the Parish, Podcasts and Videos, it was an opportunity to set up a computer or two and illustrate to people how to hear and see. It also meant a huge routine break, which for Mom isn't always a good thing.

Saturday evening was OK, but the Sunday morning sessions were hard for Mom to get her hands around, since we usually don't go to a Sunday morning Mass. The hardest part was the Sunday evening session, on Saturday evening the people had the drapes closed in the Hall, Sunday evening they didn't, so Mom was seeing reflections in the glass from the things inside, waving at the windows saying that the car was out there (when it wasn't), and asking every minute when we were going home.

The good part about all this was that people from the parish got to see Mom over a longer time than just a 45 minute weekend Mass, they got to see Mom's behaviors, Mom's sitting and staring, her eating (since snacks were served), and Mom's repeating and repeating and wanting to go 'home' to Montana. One of the ladies that was physically close to where Mom and I were stated that her mother wasn't as bad off as Mom is until she was 96. And these people got to see 'Sundowning', then I explained it to them.

Another interesting part of the weekend was the Priest we had, he had been assigned to another Parish here 20 years ago, he's a great guy and got to know Mom and I a bit back then. He was shocked to see Mom in her current state, he said that I looked great. Got to talk computers with Father Matt, other people, talked iPads with other people, including some of the song leaders, married couple, her mother is in a NH, wife said that her mother was in better shape than Mom is.

We got home about 6:45 Sunday evening and all Mom wanted to do was go to bed.

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