Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh wow, what a morning....

...and partial night too. I woke Mom up to hit the bathroom at 9:45 and that was fine, I went back into her room at 10:45 and she was mumbling nonsense and did most of the time until 3:30 AM. Then at 5:30 AM she was up to the bathroom again and dragged the tail end of the nightie into the toilet bowl, so we put on nightie number three of the night. When I got her up at 7:45 she had messed that one too, so I bundled up three nighties and told Mom that I going to put them in the wash; Mom said 'Oh that's nice that they have a washer here', Mom's lived here in this house for 40 years!

Morning has turned into the right on the spot 3:30 sundowning, it various and sundry combinations of Anaconda Montana and going to work at the store, what did we do today, her father and mother are alive and they are coming to take her home. The confusion is so amazingly awful, typical statement is 'Where do we live at home? Mom, we live in California. We live in Montana and just came here for a day and then I can go back and work in the store tomorrow, we went to Mass this morning with my mother and father this morning'....and repeat and repeat and repeat.

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