Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ordering and sequencing....

...disorders are quite common with dementia, things like putting on outerwear before the underwear while dressing. I've found with Mom that when ordering really goes away things like morning comes before evening also go away, and if you try to order your day by what you've done, when you can't remember details, you have no frame of reference for the day; every event is descrete!

Today Mom has the 'strolley-mosey-wanders' going on, with the blank/possessed look, she's motoring to some place but doesn't know where, and will go to the same place over and over again.

Her perceptions are also acting up, she pointed at a chair in the living room and said, 'that's beautiful yellow clothes' and then got a yellow pillow off the couch and said 'this is the purse that matches the yellow clothes'.

Wish me luck on a Sunday, its only 9:35 and she's been wandering since 8:45, I'm cooking breakfast now!

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